Grammy nominated Producer Tim Volpicella has performed and recorded with such renowned artists as Russell Ferrante, Hafez Modirzadeh, Chuck Israels, and Duke Jethro. Nominated for a Grammy for his work on "Are We There Yet?", the 2011 release from The PapaHugs Band, Tim infuses originality and sophistication in both his playing and music production.


I am happy to announce that all sound design and music production services are being moved to their own website. A link to the music production website will be available once the new site is live. Recording/production clients may continue to contact Tim directly at (408) 203-8699 or via email at Please check soon back for updates.


The painstaking effort behind the retuning serves an extra-musical agenda: ”to split open and decolonize/the sacred 88,” as Mr. Modirzadeh describes it in a poem printed on the album’s inside flap.
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