Individualized, private instruction for all levels and all ages.

Students are challenged with new material weekly to encourage their musical development and personal growth in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.



Increase your basic proficiency and musicianship through the use of standard materials, popular songs and your own compositions. Intermediate Guitar covers tuning using harmonics; exercises to develop right- and left-hand technique; major and minor chords and scales in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th position, including Barre chords; reading standard music notation up to the 5th position; basic rhythmic studies; basics of improvisation and developing the guitar solo. Students are introduced to more advanced repertoire and student-teacher duets.



Continuation of major and minor chords and scales up to the 9th position; introduction to 7th chords (major, minor and dominant, augmented and diminished); introduction to scale modes and the diminished and augmented scales; improvisation and soloing techniques (chord changes and individuals lines); sight reading; advanced repertoire.


Students will be required to purchase the recommend materials after their initial lesson. You will be provided with a book list and list of retailers where you can purchase the books.