Guitar Lessons

Tim’s Philosophy

“The best training is the tradition of apprenticeship, having the music handed down from one’s teacher. And the best way of learning has been the experience of being able to play with talented musicians.” Tim Volpicella


Music is fun! And learning to play an instrument should be a rewarding experience for each and every student.  I strive to offer a balanced approach to teaching, allowing students to develop their “chops” while exploring their creativity. Through the use of standard learning materials, popular and favorite songs, and writing their own songs, students learn to play guitar and develop good musicianship skills.

Whether you’re interested in just learning a few songs, or are preparing for a career in music, I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.



Tim really wants to teach you what you want to know and he never goes too fast. He has a way of explaining things so clearly and helping you find the way that works for you. He is encouraging, supportive, and truly a master in his own right!” – Safaa M.